11 Jan

Youtube tells you what part of your video people like

I haven’t used Youtube very much, but I suspect I will use video more and more in the future as it will become increasingly popular in B2B marketing.

My use to date has been to post little video’s of my kids. I had a bit of fun and dubbed “Dance little lady, dance” by Tina Charles over a video of my (then) 3 yo dancing. It’s had about 3,000 views (because of the title, I presume).

I had a look at it again last night, and I noticed some options to the right of the screen for “video owners” one of which was “insights”. I clicked and got to a dashboard of analysis tools:


The next thing I clicked on what the “hotspots” button, which allowed me to see which part of my video people found more interesting than others:

Imagine how this can help you improve your communication over time? It tells you what people like with their actions, without having to provide any feedback. It allows you to continually improve your video, based on what people like and don’t like. I must be dreaming. Awesome.