26 Feb

Write like Hemingway, market like a boss

How important is good writing in B2B marketing? If it was important before, it’s even more important now. I’ve come across something that may just help you along.

The amount of information created everyday is astonishing. At the same time, audiences have less time and shorter attention spans. Good writing gets the message across faster. It keeps your readers engaged and they’ll remember what you wrote so that in the end you change their mind. Consider the avalanche of content created everyday (did anyone say content marketing?) and you get a sense of just how much of a competitive advantage good writing is.

We’re not all born writers. We need help. Typically that help comes in the form of a colleague, partner or manager sending back marked up copy back to you. That is if you’re not flying solo.

What if we could all write like Hemingway?

Today I stumbled across this app that just made me smile; an app that doesn’t just tell you what’s not working, but gives you practical advice on how to fix it. The Hemingway app.

The guys behind the app are brothers Adam and Ben Long; “We both realized we had the same frustration,” Adam tells ABC News. “When you’re under deadline pressure, you write so much that your brain turns off. You want to get it done more than you want to get it right. Adverbs? Your brain ignores them. We wanted to come up with something that would be a second set of eyes to go over what you’ve written before you send it on to a reader or to your boss.”

This is what the first section of this blog post looked like before:


hemingwayapp before


hemingwayapp after

The upshot

No, it won’t fix everything, but I can already see how this is a great tool for a first pass of your own work. What “the machine” does is make you consider what you’ve written, and explain why you may want to review it. So a thumbs up from me for these guys.

Check it out at www.hemingwayapp.com