09 Nov

“unsubscribe” – when we hit the “off” switch

119709197585381818tzeeniewheenie_power_on_off_switch_red_2svghi.pngI just read a blog post by a well respected author making a couple of good points about email marketing and the importance of the subject line and signature.

Good information, but the post was 1,400 words long without sub-headings. So I thought I post a comment, generally supportive but making a point about the importance of being brief in email marketing and effective use of headings.

But I didn’t. I unsubscribed. Does that make sense, or was that the right thing to do? Probably not. He made a good point after all and I should have given him the feedback he deserved. Fact is, I don’t always do what is logical and right. Nor do our customers.