01 Jun

Focus less on reach, more on persuasion.

On the obsession with technology in marketing: I’ve been an advocate and avid user of marketing tech forever BUT….Let’s not forget that (so far) no piece of technology has persuaded anyone to engage with you, or buy from you. It’s allowed us to reach more people, but not persuade them. It’s allowed us to be more targeted, but no one has ever sent an email on to a colleague because it was so well targeted.

That only happens with great messaging and creative and I think that in B2B there is a massive under-investment in creative.  With the access to a multitude of channels such as email and social media, the path to your customers’ heart is actually harder because everyone else is communicating to your customers too.

If the objective is to persuade people, rather than just reach people, consider a few ideas here (and add your own in the comment section!)

#1. Laser target your messaging – generic never wins.

 It’s cheaper to have one theme, one campaign for many segments/personas but what’s the point if it doesn’t persuade anyone?  You can differentiate not just in what you say but how you say it. Your campaign in itself can be a competitive advantage.

#2. Invest in the best creative you can afford

Once you know what you want to say of course. There’s a difference between telling and persuading. We live in a visual world where you compete for seconds of someone’s attention, so make it count. You don’t need to hire an expensive agency, but get the best creative you can afford in your budget.

#3. Use video, but do it right

Video is a killer medium for online engagement. But if you do it, do it as well as you can afford. Just because you’re literate, doesn’t mean you can write, and just because you have a camera doesn’t mean you can make a compelling video. Video is often the key campaign asset and all the marketing automation in the world can’t help you if your message falls flat.

Any other suggestions?