Work with me

B2B sales and marketing is a pretty unique world, and I’ve walked the walk for over 20 years.  Work with me to drive outcomes,  not activities.

  • Get clarity
  • Go-to-market
  • Arm your sales force
Get clarity with an experienced outsider’s view. Identify product opportunities, position your brand competitively, help drive the sales engine. Prioritise where and when to spend your time and money, so you get a better return and get there faster.

“David approaches everything he does in a calm rational manner, conscious of articulating measurable outcomes. Apart from being intelligent and highly competent, he brings an energy and passion to everything he works on.” Kirsten Mann, GM – Global Design and Experience, Aconex

Plan for commercial success with a strong go to market plan.  If you invest a lot of money in product, make sure you plan for commercial success.  Achieve your ROI faster with clear strategy, aligned teams across the executive, product, sales, finance and operations for excellence in execution.

“David brought a wonderfully pragmatic business focus to our marketing issues. His consultative and challenging style was refreshing and certainly took our thinking to a new level.” Stephen Chow, Managing Director,  Acuity Consulting

Nothing is more important than a sales force that is equipped to sell. You don’t hire a top team of athletes and give them flat balls or broken bats.  No investment in promotion and lead generation pays off if your sales team isn’t equipped to close. Sales presentation, Insights, Demos, videos, presentation training and more.

“David is a rare marketer, having not only outstanding marketing skills, but also a very keen sales and commercial mind. His ability to work with (and easily gain the respect of) both sales and executive leadership, driving genuine outcomes that translate to sales is unparalleled.” Callan Mantell, Sales Leader, Aconex