02 Dec

How video can work in B2B marketing – HP

Is there any medium more engaging than video?
Eric Kintz from HP writes about how they are using video in their online B2B marketing program with great success:

we recently launched a new online program “Change Artists” (free and requires registration). The program’s central element is a series of webcasts, which feature unscripted discussions pairing CEOs and CIOs from the leading companies around the world regarding how they embraced change within their organizations to gain competitive advantage.

Although you don’t see much of it yet, I think that video is an fantastic tool for a whole variety of applications in B2B marketing.

  1. “Though leadership” – the way HP is using video, not actually promoting specific products but simply getting industry leaders discuss issues close to customers heart
  2. Product demonstrations – who wants to figure it out for themselves when you can someone show you?
  3. People profiles – rather than dry corporate profiles a dynamic interview with staff members; simple, real, effective

The power of Television/Video is unrivaled in its ability to engage people although the production cost to do this professionally could still pose problems of course. Have you seen any other good examples of video in B2B