I’m a marketer and brand builder with broad experience in tech and services marketing, specialising in B2B marketing. I’ve led amazing teams and achieved some great results as Marketing Director for one of the most successful Australian startups, Aconex. david koopmans, b2b marketing

IBefore that, I ran my own B2B marketing consultancy and agency for seven years, as one of the first specialist B2B marketing agencies in Australia.

Over the years I’ve had the chance to collaborate with some amazing people, colleagues and customers, to help build brands, take products and services to market to help grow businesses.  and have been at the forefront of digital marketing including email marketing, website development, marketing automation and social media.

My tech bend also means I’ve been invloved and advocating digital marketing sine the very early days pioneering email marketing, web and e-commerce, social media and multimedia use.

My blog , Business Of Marketing and Branding has been going since 2004.

There’s more to life than work, and the time I don’t spend with my family, I spend as the President of a Melbourne based charity, Helping Hoops, where I play a small role in the success of this wonderful organisation that provides free basketball programs for underprivileged kids.

Areas of specialisation: Strategy, Analysis, General Management, Marketing Management & Planning, Communications, Direct Marketing, Business Development, Sales Management, Internet Marketing