13 Jun

Top 50 Australian Marketing Pioneer blogs

Ok, I admit it. I was flattered when Julian Cole listed my blog as one of the Top 50 Australian Marketing Pioneers blogs. A lot of entries I don’t recognise, but Servant of Chaos, Brand DNA and Better Communication Results have been setting the standard for some time.

So why does it matter, beyond making me feel good?

It’s great to see someone make the effort and look around in his own backyard. We’re probably all passionate about the opportunities today’s web offers to share ideas and collaborate.

I’d like to see more Australian organisations get involved and take advantage of the fantastic opportunities today’s web offers.

To spread the word, we need to connect in the “real” world as much as online

The thing is that to spread the word to the people who are not participating, we often need to go”offline”, because that’s where the audience is. They’re conversations over a coffee, or a presentation, or articles in the print media or other traditional media.
that top 50 list of people are probably all doing exactly that. And that’s why local is important.  We need to be on the ground, face to face or in the local media as much as online. So that’s the other reason I’m excited about this list. Thanks Julian.

See the full list here and check out some great blogs.