31 Dec

The cobblers children have no shoes

Cliche, but true. Advising people on for a living, we’ve had a good look at what we actually do for our own and decided that our children desperately need new shoes…

Our brand image doesn’t represent who we are very well, our communications are too dull and wordy and our promotional activities are inconsistent and spasmodic.

The thing is that business is actually going well, so why would we bother? Simple; we will never grow significantly if we don’t, and when business is good, it is much easier to do new things than when you are under pressure.

So we’ve reviewed our business plan, developed our marketing plan, commissioned a re-branding excercise and are in working hard on developing a new website as part of the marketing plan for 2006. Now all we have to do is what we tell our customers to do; follow through.