26 Nov

Great idea, poor execution

There is something really frustrating about seeing great ideas go pear shaped. Trial and error is part and parcel of marketing, so it is really no wonder it happens fairly often. On the other hand, I see some clients consistently be more effective than others.

The interesting thing was that those who were successful didn’t necessarily have better offers, a bigger budget or a better strategy. When I thought about it, the one thing that stood out with the successful ones was their commitment and discipline in implementation.

For some reason, some organisations act like kids with ADD when it comes to marketing; they can’t keep their attention on the campaign they started and move on to start a new one. The ones who are successful tend to start only half of the campaigns, but follow them through to the end. Simple really, isn’t it?

08 Nov

RSS – Yahoo statistics say it is taking off. Really.

RSS is looking like it is developing in a major new channel. Here are some statistics from the Yahoo, posted on an interesting blog called “Pheedo”.

50% are 18-34 (36% non-user)

36% college graduate (27% non-user)

31% have some post-graduate degree (22% non-user)

$74,116 average household income ($63,095 average user) “

Some more benefits RSS can offer:
Clean, crystal clear channel
100% opt-in
Micro-level targeted
Persistent, always-on communication
No Spam or bounced email issues