28 Oct

Campaigns versus impulse

Campaigns versus impulse – get mileage out of your marketing activities.
It is very easy to fall into the “opportunity trap”, i.e. spending your marketing dollars on whatever opportunity looks great at the time it is being offered to you. Don’t. You wouldn’t (hopefully) spend your money like that in any other business area. Creating a small campaign is not very hard to do, and the results are almost certain many times what an impulse activity will pay off.

Here are four simple steps to follow:

Set an objective – that means that you look at who you want to promote what to, and that you set a specific (numerical) goal to achieve it. Numbers are magic. Once you have committed yourself and your partners/staff to it, it really focuses you.

Set a budget – however small or large, a budget is part of your commitment to make it work. Clearly, if you are going to spend money, you want to get meaningful results.

Step out an action plan – sounds silly, but a simple timeline with who will do what will ensure that things get done. It also helps communicate internally, and externally with potential partners that you are serious about what you are doing.

Track the results – accountability is not something that is often associated with marketing. I believe it is the essence, so develop a simple method of tracking the results of your activities. There are many different ways for many different programs, but any identification of the offer will help you track the outcomes of your program.

Try it. It works!

25 Oct

White Papers – 38.5% say they pay more attention to white paper offers than…

According to Marketing Sherpa (a leading marketing e-zine) white papers are still by far the preferred communication over any other b2b ad. It makes sense, as consumers are filtering out more and more advertising and look for added value in communications.

“How to Use eBook Offers to Stand Out in a Sea of White Papers.”

As of this moment, roughly 48,000 white papers are being promoted online by business-to-business marketers. The good news is, prospects are still interested — 38.5% say they pay more attention to white paper offers than any other type of B-to-B ad.The bad news is … 48,000. How can your offer stand out in the sea of white papers?

Check out our new Case Study on a marketer who’s testing ebook offers instead. Includes white paper versus ebook click and conversion data for ads and emailed offers:http://www.marketingsherpa.com/sample.cfm?contentID=3100(Open access until Oct 29th) “

18 Oct

The business case for RSS marketing

If you are interested in Internet and email marketing, have a read. – A concise summing up of the challenges in email marketing, as well as a really useful explanation of where things are going. Even if you are not a tech person, you’ll find this whitepaper a really clear outline of the problems internet and email marketing face. 28 pages is a bit much, but even if you just read the first couple of pages; you’ll get something out of it.
“RSS marketing – the business case”